Dante de San Jose

My name is Dominic Mendivil and this is where I post my music. Songs I wrote as mp3s, songs I like as videos, lyrics I write, and so on and so forth. My music is acoustic, melo-fi, and the project Dante de San Jose gets its name from my dog, whose legal name on his License is Sir Dante de San Jose. I thought it was cool, so I stole it from him.

Please, if you like what I do, "Like" the Facebook Page @ facebook.com/dantedesanjose

Download free music at dantedesanjose.bandcamp.com

Contact me at dantedesanjose@gmail.com

Melo-fi, or Melancholy Lo-Fi; Acoustic, Lo-fi Music consistant with depressing lyrics, particularly of the heartbreak subject matter.

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New toy. Casio SK-1 circuit bent.

New toy. Casio SK-1 circuit bent.


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